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About Just Blk

"Just Blk started when I was in high school as a spark of an idea. I noticed how many conversations I had with people based on the content of the t-shirts that I wore and I thought it could be an interesting way to get my thoughts and ideas across to other people. T-shirts have been and continue to be used by movements on a regular basis so that everyone can look and feel unified in a significant way. I wanted to include that aspect into my personal products.

While starting this company, I was also thinking about the many wonderful Black artists and creators that I knew who didn’t have a platform to sell their wears. I really wanted to set up a platform for myself and others. Just Blk is that. My aspirations for Just Blk is not only for me to sell my products, but to help my community move forward as well. I’m so excited to see how this company will grow.

 - Ajax Ravenel, founder


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