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This design was created in honor of all of the Unapologetic Black Women impacting my life directly and indirectly. The ones who stand with me in community as well as the ones who stand with me in spirit.

I created this shirt specifically to honor the Black women in my family because I see what they have endured and what they have powered through while navigating the systems that were built to keep our community from thriving. I’ve watched the women in my family overwork themselves to keep food on the table and clothing on our backs.

I made this shirt in honor of my Black woman ancestors because I can only imagine what they went through for me to stand here today. The resilience of the Black woman is not to be questioned.

This shirt has dropped on Juneteenth because today we are, with intention, honoring the Black women of past, present, and future. Buy this shirt for the Black women in your life or to wear in support of the Black women in your life.

Protect Black women.
Stand with Black women.
Love Black women.
Support Black women.

This business is owned by a Black Woman.

When people ask me about my shirt, I always explain the idea behind it and ask them if they are willing to hold themselves to the same values that this shirt is calling for. I also encourage anyone who is wearing my shirt to be open to having a similar mindset.
    Color: Black
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